About Doc Abode

Doc Abode’s vision is to develop innovative solutions to support the NHS workforce of the future, transforming healthcare delivery to meet increasing demand and complex needs of our patients.
We aim to create solutions which allow NHS organisations to easily adapt by widening the network of a flexible, sustainable and local clinical workforce. We are developing algorithms which match capacity to demand, creating a safer and more responsive care system.

Using sophisticated workforce planning and predictive analytics, combined with artificial intelligence, we look to enable the redesign of work, enhance productivity and service user experience. By harnessing digital technologies, we aim to boost the adaptability of the workforce through a flexible talent mix and new ways of working, ultimately allowing a flexible work/life balance in today’s 24/7 culture and expectations

Our Story

Following successful funding from the Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Sciences Network’s (AHSN’s) Proof of Concept Funding in 2016, we ran surveys and focus groups covering over 70 GPs and launched a feasibility pilot.

This provided strong evidence to suggest that the Doc Abode system was capable of attracting a ‘new’ workforce who were disengaged with traditional ways of working. Subsequently, in March 2017 following an application to the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) Innovation fund, an award of £100,000 was made to facilitate the development of a prototype version of the Doc Abode product which was successfully trialled in Leeds and Huddersfield through our partner, West Yorkshire’s GP out-of-hours provider, Local Care Direct.

This pilot was very successful and following this proof of concept SBRI awarded a further £900,000 to provide funding for the development of a nationally scaleable Doc Abode system.

Next Steps

Over the next 5 years, Doc Abode intends to build a national profile as a leading provider of integrated digital solutions for the NHS, harnessing artificial intelligence to support a contented and productive workforce, delivering superior efficiency for organisations and ultimately bringing more benefits to NHS patients.

Meet the Team

Dr. Taz Aldawoud

Taz is an entrepreneurial GP who also holds a number of regional and national roles including Digital Clinical Champion at NHS England and a Clinical Board Member and CCIO for Bradford Districts CCG

Stephen Taylor-Parker

Stephen is a trained lawyer who joined the University of Leeds technology-transfer unit in 1998. He led the development of a number of medical software products after which he left and began a period of medical commercialisation resulting in five start up medical companies. He has significant experience in providing the route map for successful commercial transition of ideas.

Phil Walker

Phil has worked in the health sector for more than twenty five years. As a DH policy lead he introduced information governance into the NHS and wrote the Code of Practice on confidentiality. Working across government he represented health in the crafting of the 1998 Data Protection Act and more latterly the GDPR. From 2005 - 2010 he was Head of Digital Information Policy in NHS Connecting for Health. After the 2012 Health & Social Care Act split central responsibility for information related work between DH, NHS England, NHS Digital and Public Health England Phil was instrumental in creating the Information Governance Alliance, to provide a collegiate 'hymn sheet' for advice and guidance. Since leaving DH in 2016 Phil has served as a Data Protection Officer for numerous companies and continues to focus on his passion, the care sector.

Clare Lankester

Clare is a programme manager with over 10 years experience across the healthcare sector. After completing a PhD in Biochemistry, Clare has worked for various SMEs to lead the technical and clinical development of innovative healthcare technologies.

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