Same day demand management

Doc Abode's same day demand management module extends traditional workforce management access to a wider bank of clinicians at times of escalation, safely connecting a multi-disciplinary clinical workforce to NHS patients needs in real-time based on availability, proximity and expertise. This new way of working provides speedier, more personalised care, improving patient experience and outcomes. For clinicians, it provides a sustainable, motivating pattern of work, encouraging increased participation.

An extension of your core staff bank

  • Access a flexible, multi-disciplinary team of employed, self-employed and locums
  • Seamlessly secure additional capacity at times of excess demand
  • Compliments core shift-based rota systems
  • Patient level jobs and tasks or blocks of time

Intelligent patient to clinician matching

  • Match patient need with clinician availability based on skills, language and location
  • Algorithmic pricing optimisation
  • Customisable job types (face-to-face, video calls etc.)
  • Patient level jobs and tasks

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