Frequently Asked Questions

What are the professional indemnity requirements to use the Doc Abode platform?

Every clinician will have a slightly different set of circumstances and they are advised to contact their Medical Defence Organisations (MDOs) to ensure they are covered to work OOH and provide proof before starting.

What information does Doc Abode require to join?

As Doc Abode is not a locum agency we are not directly employing any of the clinical staff who use the platform but checks will be made against CQC standard requirements by the NHS healthcare provider responsible.

What if I don't accept any work through Doc Abode?

Doc Abode is designed for NHS healthcare providers to allocate work on an ad hoc basis to remote healthcare professionals (HCPs). There is no obligation for a clinician to set themselves as ‘available’ to undertake work, but when they do, they will then start to receive notifications of NHS patients who have already been through NHS 111 and/or local triage who require a home visit.

Is Doc Abode free for patients?

Doc Abode is only available to healthcare providers who offer services to NHS patients and NOT for private or fee paying patients. Doc Abode is NOT a patient facing service and patients are unable to directly summon a clinician to them. There is no Doc Abode app for patients to download. Patients can only access Doc Abode clinicians through using the national NHS 111 or other locally agreed direct channels such as the GP out of hours service. Clinicians are strictly not allowed to ask for or accept any additional fee for services when seeing patients through Doc Abode.

What if I don't accept any work through Doc Abode?

There is no obligation to accept any work through Doc Abode. The healthcare provider will ensure that a home visiting service is always in operation to ensure that patients will always be seen even if there is nobody available through Doc Abode

What are the terms and conditions?

When deciding to sign up for Doc Abode clinicians will be signing up to our Terms & Conditions which stipulates responsibilities. These are provided at registration.

How Long does it take to join Doc Abode?

If all the documents required are to hand, it usually takes around 15 minutes for clinicians who have never worked for the local healthcare provider and less than five mins if a clinician is already known to the provider. The healthcare provider will then process the application before granting access to the secure Doc Abode app. The duration of this process will vary from provider to provider depending on their standard operating procedures but typically takes 1-2 weeks for new clinicians as references need to be contacted and interviews may need to be arranged in some circumstances.

Will I be required to carry out any training?

Clinicians will be expected to undertake all the necessary training required to ensure they are able to undertake the work. Details of this will differ from provider to provider and will be advised at registration.

The healthcare provider will specify which mandatory training evidence must be submitted at registration e.g. Adult Safeguarding certificate.

What are the minimum things I need to be able to use Doc Abode?

Clinicians must own a smartphone with the Android or Apple (iOS) operating systems as well as having a home computer/laptop with a Windows operating system. Clinicians also need to have the Google Maps app installed on their phone. The healthcare provider will be responsible for giving clinicians remote access to the EPR.

Who will I be working for?

Clinicians will be directly contracting with the local healthcare provider and not with Doc Abode. Doc Abode is not a locum company, we provide the Software as a Service (SaaS) to healthcare providers. The app is free for
clinicians to download and use. The healthcare provider will pay the HCPs through their own mechanisms for the prices agreed during each job undertaken.

Will I be expected to carry any medications for home visits?

The healthcare provider will confirm to prescribers whether they will be expected to carry any medications (other than what they ordinarily carry in their home visiting bags).

How much will I be paid for a home visit?

Rates for home visits will be specified by the healthcare provider.

Will I need to use my own smartphone and laptop?

Yes, a smartphone running iOS or Android operating systems only (Windows phones are not supported at this time). Clinicians must ensure they leave for the visit with plenty of battery life or have a car charger/portable emergency charger available with so as not run out of battery in the middle of a visit.

A laptop or computer (running Windows operating system) will also be required in order for the clinician enter consultation notes. The laptop or computer may be supplied by the healthcare provider.

Do I drive myself or do I get a driver?

Clinicians will be required to drive themselves to the patient once they have accepted a visit through Doc Abode. Clinicians must have vehicle insurance which covers for undertaking work (not just for commuting purposes).

I already work shifts for the local healthcare provider, can I still sign up to Doc Abode?

It is at the discretion of the healthcare provider as to whether clinicians can still sign up to Doc Abode if they already work shifts. Typically, this is allowed so long as clinicians work additionally and do not replace regular shifts

Who do I contact if I need help during the registration process?

If there are any issues throughout any part of the registration process, you should liaise with your healthcare provider.

What information and data security is in place?

We take clinicians’ data security/privacy and that of patients very seriously. Doc Abode is fully compliant with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO registration number ZA262164), has Information Governance (IG) toolkit level 2 compliance and fully compliant with the Data Protection and Security (DSP) toolkit. We have a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who can be contacted ( for any data or privacy issues. Our Caldicott Guardian and SIRO are also contactable on the same email.
Our privacy policy can be found at policy/policy/. We also have an independent Clinical Safety Officer who has assured our software engineering processes are met to the highest of standards and is compliant to (DCB0129) NHS Digital standards. Doc Abode also holds CREST Certified Cyber Essentials accreditation. Mobile Application Login is multi factor authentication and internet security is implemented through Transport Layer Security (TLS), in the form of the HTTPS protocol. We have undertaken PEN testing of all our software components and will undertake further penetration testing for every significant software release/update and at least annually. Doc Abode is fully compliant with GDPR requirements and is registered under NHS Digital’s Organisation Data Service (ODS code 8JR75).

All Doc Abode staff have undertaken certified IG training. We have undertaken a Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA) and we make this available to healthcare provider organisation DPO’s. Doc Abode complies with the National Data Guardian’s Data 10 Security Standards. Doc Abode has independent Information Governance (IG), cyber and data security experts who oversee all our systems and processes.

What if I accept a home visit case and find out it's a friend or relative nearby?

If clinicians become aware that a visit they have accepted is a friend or relative or if there is any other conflict of interest, then the clinician will be required to abort the visit and upon doing so, directed to speak to the healthcare provider who will re-allocate the patient to another clinician.

Where can I find out more information before I decide to sign up?

More information on how Doc Abode works can be found on our website

I have a question which hasn't been answered here, what can I do?

We are always keen to update our FAQs so please feel free to ask anything which hasn’t already been covered here (or not to the detail you require) by emailing