CQC State of Care Report – is improvement obstructed by the ‘workforce crisis’?

Last month the CQC State of Care 2018/2019 report was released - the CQC’s annual assessment of health care and social care in England. The report looks at the trends, shares examples of good and outstanding care, and highlights where care needs to improve.

There were references throughout the report to urgent and emergency care and overall, it was reported that while other hospital services improved slightly this year, the quality of care in NHS urgent and emergency services in hospitals has deteriorated.

When it came to general practice, the overall quality was high – with 95% of practices rated good or outstanding. However, the CQC warned that capacity problems across the board are undermining improvement.

GMC chief executive Charlie Massey said: ‘The CQC’s State of Care highlights the risks created by workforce problems in the health system and the impact this is having on patient care. Our own research has highlighted the impact that such pressures are having on doctors and the wider workforce, and the need for supportive working and training environments.'

One of the key reasons Doc Abode was created was to provide clinicians who want to support the urgent care system with a different, more flexible way of working, leading to increased capacity and ultimately improving care for NHS patients. Clinicians can undertake out of hours home visit requests based on their availability, proximity and expertise, meaning that they can work on their terms whilst meeting the needs of the most vulnerable NHS patients - supporting the health system to deliver care more efficiently and improve patient outcomes and subsequently CQC ratings for healthcare providers.

We believe that by creating solutions that will allow NHS organisations to easily adapt, we can support widening the network of a flexible, sustainable and local clinical workforce. Doc Abode can support CQC regulated healthcare providers by dynamically matching capacity to demand, supporting a safer and more responsive care system.

 Doc Abode

Doc Abode is a real-time clinician deployment platform that safely connects a multi-disciplinary clinical workforce to NHS patient needs based on availability, proximity and expertise. Learn more about Doc Abode or contact us here.