Doc Abode selected to participate in AWS Healthcare Accelerator: Global Cohort for Workforce

Doc Abode will use AWS Cloud solutions to enable healthcare organisations to work differently in building the workforce of the future.

Leeds, UK (March 27 2023) — Doc Abode today announced it has been selected to participate in the AWS Healthcare Accelerator: Global Cohort for Workforce to advance solutions for addressing urgent challenges facing the healthcare workforce.

Healthcare workforce shortages are at crisis levels, driven by burnout, shrinking budgets, and the aftermath of a worldwide pandemic. As a result, patients may go untreated or experience delays in care, and healthcare workers need support now more than ever.

This AWS Healthcare Accelerator is a four-week technical, business, and mentorship program for startups seeking to use AWS to improve healthcare workforce training, retention, and deployment. This opportunity will support Doc Abode in providing eScheduling software that helps solve a critical problem in out-of-hospital workforce management. With an aging population and a workforce crisis across the globe, supporting patients in the community is a necessity. Doc Abode’s cross-organisational eScheduling software provides real-time, geo-mapped information on patient visits in progress with dynamic allocation and insights.

The AWS Healthcare Accelerator curriculum provides opportunities such as hands-on AWS Cloud and technical training, mentorship from healthcare leaders, and exposure to AWS customers and members of the AWS Partner Network. Doc Abode may also receive AWS computing credits and opportunities to speak with investors and industry experts, including at a Demo Day where Doc Abode’s dynamic eScheduling software will be showcased.

Doc Abode’s dynamic eScheduling software provides an innovative solution for issues seen in out-of-hospital healthcare caused by the shortage of a clinical workforce. In England alone, each year there are 100 million community nursing visits to patients, and the clinical workforce supporting these visits is stretched beyond its capacity, with over 100,000  staff vacancies and staff skills not being fully utilised. Doc Abode’s solutions help overcome these issues by:

  • improving the productivity of the existing workforce through the use of a real-time, dynamic eScheduling tool,
  • allowing organisations to better utilise workforce capacity by making visible and sharing available staff among Teams, Departments, Divisions, Providers and Systems;
  • matching staff competency and skillset with patient needs, so clinicians work to the limits of their license, thereby maximising efficiency and productivity.

Working with AWS, Doc Abode is excited to scale its business and work toward its goals in enabling more ‘tech for good’ to flourish within the NHS and beyond.

“Doc Abode has utilised AWS Cloud hosting since we launched, and we are extremely excited to join this AWS Healthcare Accelerator,” said Dr Taz Aldawoud, Founder & CEO of Doc Abode. “We want to excel in the technical and commercial scaling of our business, and this Accelerator will provide us with the right expertise at such a critical point in our journey. The focus of this programme aligns perfectly with Doc Abode’s goal of helping healthcare organisations adapt and work innovatively to deliver the workforce of the future.”

“Solutions to help clinicians as well as other office and technical staff in healthcare are needed urgently and globally,” said Dr. Rowland Illing, Chief Medical Officer and Director of International Public Sector Health at AWS. “We know that advancing cloud- and technology-enabled approaches can alleviate some of the burden, and we’re proud to be convening standout startups and healthcare leaders in this first-ever global Accelerator to do that.”

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About Doc Abode

Doc Abode was founded by GP, Dr Taz Aldawoud, to address the chronic issues accessing GPs for out-of-hours Urgent Care providers. The business pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic addressing the inefficiencies and potential patient safety risks in the scheduling of vaccinations for vulnerable housebound patients. Doc Abode has subsequently expanded its capability in workforce scheduling to provide dynamic/real-time scheduling software to prioritise the deployment of community based Multi-Disciplinary Teams for urgent patient referrals in Urgent Community Response, Virtual Ward and Discharge to Assess (D2A) pathways. This new model of care has proven to release capacity from existing teams and is the lynchpin of facilitating early supported discharges from hospital, keeping vulnerable patients safe and cared for in the comfort of their own home.

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