Housebound Vaccination Module Now Available

The Doc Abode platform is now able to support the Covid-19 vaccination rollout to housebound patients, using intelligent workforce deployment technology to deliver the vaccine to patients unable to attend a vaccination centre in person.

Many areas have established processes to support the administration of the national vaccination programme but are struggling with the unique challenges presented by housebound patients.  Specifically designed to support healthcare providers manage the complexities of delivering the Covid-19 vaccination programme, Doc Abode intelligently allocates a schedule of patients requiring home visits for vaccination to the available workforce via a secure app based upon location, traffic conditions and workforce availability.

The module is already in use by NHS Trusts, PCNs and GP Federations, and after a quick and easy implementation was able to deliver immediate logistical effectiveness.

David Lighten, Community Nurse Practitioner at HealthCare First said: “Coordinating the vaccination of 1500 care home residents and staff plus 800+ housebound patients is extremely time consuming. By using the Doc Abode app, we turned 10 days’ work into one simple click! I wish we had access to the system at the start of the programme and I’m looking forward to running a totally app based system for the 2nd round of vaccinations and to also unlocking other (Doc Abode) modules for our core services.”

NHS organisations that are currently using Doc Abode’s vaccination module have reported on immediate substantive time saving of up to 10 days compared to existing processes. In addition, this can be implemented at pace to be operational within one day. As part of our efforts to support our NHS partners in delivering the national vaccination programme, costs are heavily subsidised so as many areas as possible can benefit.

Lisa Basi, Head of Integrated Primary Care (Adults), Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We reached out to Doc Abode at the peak of the pandemic and asked for their support to help us with our extensive housebound Covid-19 vaccination programme covering cohorts 1-6 in the community borough wide in Camden, covering 3200 patients in residential settings.  They responded immediately and worked with our governance/clinical/operational teams to deliver a great solution that has now been fully embedded in our way of working. 

The Doc Abode vaccine module has revolutionised the way deliver our vaccine service. It has vastly reduced our administrative burden but more importantly, it has ensured safety, doubled the speed and efficiency of the frontline vaccinators, releasing capacity, saving time and reducing vaccine waste. This has meant we have begun vaccinating thousands of vulnerable patients in record time. 

We have a diverse range of frontline staff using the app, from nurses to therapists, and they have been extremely positive about how quick and easy it is to use. The support from the Doc Abode team has been fantastic, quickly responding to our needs and turning around any new requirements with all the changing nature of the pandemic.  

We have had excellent engagement from the Doc Abode team utilising a completely virtual mobilisation and deployment process. It really has felt like a truly collaborative working relationship and would strongly recommend other organisations to consider utilising this vaccine module if you want to save time, improve operational efficiency and ultimately save lives.”

For more information about Doc Abode’s vaccination module, download the info sheet below:

Doc Abode Housebound Vaccination Module Now Available Info Sheet

If this module, or any element of Doc Abode’s clinician deployment platform is of interest to your healthcare organisation, you can get in touch with us here.