Leading healthtech innovator revolutionises vaccination roll out for hardest to reach people

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) has collaborated with healthtech pioneer Doc Abode to deliver an app-based service so administrative staff can optimise the delivery of the Covid and winter vaccination programme to housebound people.

CNWL Community Services found the Doc Abode app met their need, providing an effective digital solution for eligible housebound patients resolving the clinical, operational and administrative burden they faced.

The impact of Doc Abode’s technology and success has been dramatic, resulting in:

  • Zero vaccine wastage
  • Zero clinical safety incidents
  • Greater than 55% increase in staff productivity
  • 234 days of frontline clinical time saved
  • Saving in staffing requirements, equal to by 8 staff

Following successful co-development and testing in Camden, all second dose vaccines have been administered utilising the Doc Abode Vaccine module (to include Covid boosters, influenza, pneumococcal and shingles vaccines.)

Lisa Basi - Head of Integrated Primary Care at CNWL said:

“The Doc Abode vaccine module has revolutionised the way we deliver our vaccine service. It has vastly reduced our administrative burden but more importantly, it has ensured safety. It has also doubled the speed and efficiency of the frontline vaccinators, releasing capacity, saving time and reducing vaccine waste. This has meant we have begun vaccinating thousands of vulnerable patients in record time. Since the full roll out of Doc Abode’s vaccination module in April 2021, Camden has been one of the highest performing of all 32 boroughs in London.”

CNWL provides NHS services throughout a person’s life, with the majority of those delivered in the community. Treating people in their homes or at local clinics is something the new Long-Term Plan wants to see more of, with better integration and coordination of care, delivered as close to home as possible. As such, partnerships with innovators dedicated to improving care and efficiency will prove vital in the future.

Speaking about the partnership, Doc Abode founder and CEO, Dr Taz Aldawoud commented:

We are excited to work with Lisa and her colleagues to provide our vaccine module across a wide and diverse population in London. I am proud we can provide CNWL staff with access to digital tools enabling them to schedule, organise, allocate and manage the logistics of building itineraries for vaccinators in line with national standard operating procedures.

There is a range of innovations supporting the heath sector, but it takes forward thinking Trusts like CNWL to partner with the right providers to see meaningful impacts, as we have seen with the Vaccine Module.”