Doc Abode's rota builder gives you complete visibility over your daily, weekly and monthly schedules. Our simple and easy-to-use interface puts you in full control of your rotas, and paired with Doc Abode's onboarding, digital staff passports and HR management modules, enables you to build flexible shift patterns that align with workforce availability.

Easy-to-manage rotas

  • Reduced time spent allocating available and appropriately skilled staff
  • Easily build daily, weekly and monthly rotas
  • Identify gaps and areas requiring attention
  • Respond quickly to last minute changes
  • Reduce rota and payroll queries and errors

Creating operational efficiencies

  • Multi-site services
  • Integrate with ancillary modules to build proactive and dynamic rotas
  • Ensure fair and equitable allocations to meet contractual and operational obligations
  • Comply with working time directive and local business rules on maximum working hours
  • Accommodate employed, contractors and agency staff
  • Self-rostering to support flexible working patterns
  • Reduce service delivery costs by limiting the use of more expensive resourcing options e.g. agency

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