Supporting urgent care providers to meet the UCR standards

As Urgent Community Response (UCR) teams prepare for the introduction of the national two-hour crisis response standard (8am-10pm, seven days a week) in April 2022, Doc Abode has been working closely with NHS providers to deploy dynamic scheduling capability into our platform to support UCR teams.

The standard, which is being introduced in a bid to reduce avoidable hospital admissions, has been greeted with concern from NHS organisations that there may not be enough clinical capacity to meet the two-hour target for everyone who needs urgent assistance. In addition, processes and systems are not currently geared up to manage the administrative burden this multi-disciplinary team (MDT) rapid response approach will require.

The ‘visit centric’ nature of UCR means that providers will need to react to urgent referrals and provide continuity of care where possible for follow up visits.

Doc Abode’s UCR scheduling solution has been specifically designed to solve the unique reactive and planned care needs of the UCR service. It delivers time-saving features including automated route planning, simple visualisations of schedules and a drag & drop scheduling feature, enabling administrators to rapidly respond to urgent care needs and communicate requirements to the necessary team members. The frontline team has access to a secure app for all job management which supports secure information exchange and delivers automated, real-time job updates back to base.

If you would like to know more about Doc Abode’s UCR solution or arrange a demo of how Doc Abode can support the rapid deployment of resource, please get in touch on either 0300 033 1800 or email